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 Brewery  Workouts



20th May 2023

Individual Price




17th June 2023

Individual Price




22nd July 2023

Individual Price


Welcome to our exciting and de-CIDER-ly unique workout experience!


Take your fitness to the next level at our Brewery Workouts - fitness sessions that are NOT your average gym routine. You’ll be lifting, flipping and pushing kegs - powering through an intensive full-body workout - led by our expert fitness trainers.


Of CORE-s the fun doesn't stop there. After the workout, you'll enjoy a tour of Hawkes Brewery and Taproom, where you'll learn about the brewing process and the history of cider making.  To top it all off, you'll get to enjoy a delicious flight of Hawkes cider, brewed in the heart of London and crafted to perfection.


Our workouts are designed to prepare you for the ultimate end game, THE CIDERTHON 2023. This is half marathon with a twist; where running and cider unite - and the result is sensational! There are cider tasters along the route and more cider at the finish line. It's APPLE-solutely the best race of the year!


What are you waiting for? Join us for an unforgettable fitness experience, filled with fun and deliciously refreshing Hawkes cider. Come and find out why our Brewery Workouts are the talk of the town… and get ready to take your fitness to the next level!

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