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Why has the 2022 event been Moved?

​Everyone on the Ciderthon team has worked incredibly hard to bring this event back over the last few years - after the disappointments of 2020 & 2021.  We are trying to make the 2022 version the best one ever. We are absolutely gutted that we have to move the event again - this time thankfully it's not due to covid restrictions but other factors. 

After many consultations with the local council and traffic authorities, we feel that the restrictions which we would have to impose on the events would make for a poor experience for you all. Essentially we are not able to give you more than 250ml during the event - taking the fun out of the ciderthon. We have been working hard to find a new venue where we can fill up your sample cups! 

The event is moving from Sheppey's in Somerset to the Culden Faw Estate in Henley-on-Thames. the new date is the 20th August 2022. 


More Cider


The Culden Faw Estate is allowing us to provide bigger cider samples and more cider stations! 


More Time


This huge, scenic estate will allow you to take as much time as you need to complete the course without being rushed or without the threat of roads reopening before you've finished. So you can run or walk the course, and enjoy spending time at the cider stations taking photos and enjoying yourself. 


Date Change


We have had to change the date from 8th May to 20th August.


Best Ciderthon Ever


Although it's not the event you may have expected, we are so excited that these changes mean this can be the best Ciderthon ever and you will get more bang for your buck and a more valuable experience.  


Important Entry Info


If you are happy with the changes - You don't need to do anything! Your entry will be automatically transferred to the new event, so all you need to do is change the date in your diary.


If you can't make the new date - Reply to the email you received letting us know, and we will provide you with credit for a future Ciderthon event (up to the next 3 years!)


If you want to complete the event virtually - Reply to the email you received letting us know, and once you provide us with evidence of your run, we will post out your souvenir medal, t-shirt, collapsible cup, and cider!

I booked a bus or a parking space


If you booked a bus you can either keep the ticket and use the shuttle service in Henley or apply for a refund. If you booked a parking space then you will be refunded automatically. 

The cost of the bus was £7 per person for a return journey and the car park was £10 per vehicle for a parking space. Please allow 5-7 business days for the refund to reach your account.

Why am I not automatically being offered a refund?

We are able to offer a full refund for bus and car parking spaces as that money would have directly covered the cost of those services; the cost of the bus hire and the cost of car park stewards.  By cancelling the event at this stage we are not incurring those costs.


We are unable to automatically refund your ticket price since a lot of the costs that this covers have already been incurred: council permission to close the roads, applications for temporary event notices to serve alcohol and have music at the event, venue hire, medals, finisher t-shirts, branded sustainable cups for you to drink the cider out of, staff accommodation (that’s not refundable to us), staff time for the planning up to this late stage.

Like a lot of companies in the last 18 months we have suffered a great deal financially with cancellations, postponements and now trepidation about just booking an event in case it gets cancelled.  The impact of Covid-19 is far reaching and we will all be feeling it for years to come.  Please respect the difficult choice that we have had to make in cancelling this year’s event and support us in the future by choosing one of the options outlined above.

I already deferred my entry from 2020 and I was offered a 50% refund when I made that decision.  Does the same apply now?

We would love for you to do the event virtually or to choose one of the other options outlined above.

I bought event merchandise, but if the event’s not happening can I have a refund for this?

We understand that the shine might have gone off the premium, bamboo, limited edition Ciderthon t-shirt or vest that you ordered.  While we are more than happy to post this to you (it is still a quality piece of running apparel), we will understand if you would rather have a refund for this item.  If this is the case please email

How can you be sure that the event will go ahead in 2022?

The simple answer to this is that we can’t.  We are hoping and keeping our fingers crossed that the world rights itself enough in the coming months that we can continue to plan for events.  We have been fully supported by the local authorities and other agencies in our planning for this year’s event and they have all assured us of continued support for next year.  We can’t plan for what we can’t see, but we sure as heck will put all of our efforts into planning for what we can see.

What is the date of the 2022 event?

The event will be held on Sunday 20th August 2022 at Culden Faw.

* How does the credit note work?

Your code has a value equal to full price entry into the race for which you were registered.
The code is valid for 36 months from the date of issue and must be redeemed in a single transaction to obtain discount on any event from The Race Organiser, F3 Events or Purple Patch Running listed on
Gift codes have no cash value and cannot be used as full or part payment towards any merchandise listed on our website.
Please note that the below events, hosted on our platform on behalf of our clients, are not available when selecting your preferred alternative.
Burnham on Crouch 10K
Burnham Beeches Half Marathon & 10K
Duxford Dash 10K, 5K & Family Mile
Hampstead Heath 10K, 5K & Fun Run Trail
Havering Mind Half Marathon & 10K
Let’s Go Walthamstow! 5K and Fun Run
LGN Wellbeing 2021 Property 5K sponsored by JLL
The Regent's Park 10K Winter Series by The Mornington Chasers

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