What's Included in my ticket?

​Half Marathon Entry

  • T-shirt

  • Medal

  • 13 Cider Tasters, and a finisher’s pint

​5K Entry

  • T-shirt

  • Medal

  • 2 Cider Tasters, and a finisher’s pint

Both races start at Sheppys Cider Orchards in Taunton, across an access-only closed road running route. The route will be biased towards road but multi-terrain. Anyone is free to access our Ciderthon Village at the start/finish at Sheppys Cider for bars, music and more!

Please be aware this is not a timed race.


Saturday 29th of August 2020

10.00-17.00 Registration Open

Sunday 30th of August 2020

08.00- 10.45 Registration Open
10.45-11.00 Guest Speaker
11.00 Half Marathon Start

11.30 5K Race start 
16.00 Baggage Area Closes

20.00 Music Bands end 

Fancy Dress PRIZE

Fancy dress is STRONGLY encouraged! The winner of the 'BEST DRESSED' prize will be awarded their BODY WEIGHT in cider. So it's worth your effort! Make sure once you’ve decided on the outfit you train in it at least once to know what to expect. This way you can minimize any potential discomfort and adapt it. 

Cider and Water Stops

Water will be available at every mile (but not exactly on the mile), of the run directly after the cider tasting station. This will be served in cardboard cups, some will be handed out by our marshals and it will be available for you to pick up from the table. The cider tasters will be 1/4 pint each (roughly!).


Your race number has a detachable tag at the bottom which you give in at the registration tent if you want to store any bags. All baggage is left at owners risk. The organisers can’t be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the use of these facilities. 

The races are unfortunately not canicross friendly. However, dogs are welcome at the Ciderthon Village by start and finish line of the event! 

First Aid
First aid posts will be located at several intervals around the course and there will be a medical tent in the Runners Village. This is provided by our medical partners Pro Medicus Ltd.


There will be toilets located roughly at the following miles: will also be toilets in Ciderthon Village at the start and finish.

Race Entries

Entries are non-transferable and non-refundable. Never swap your race number with any other runner as it could lead to a dangerous medical situation. Your race number will have your emergency contact details on the back, this will be used by the medical team should anything go wrong. 


There will be photographers on the day around the course and at the start and finish line. Photos taken will be available a few days after the event via our website.

Are you fit to run the Ciderthon?

Remember that this race is a half marathon and is 13.1 miles, ensure you prepare for the run properly. You should take your decision to run on the day sensibly. If you have not prepared sufficiently and could not comfortably run 8 miles one month beforehand, you will not manage the half marathon in safety or enjoy it, so please do not attempt to run. It is unfair to you, your family and the event staff to risk being a medical emergency, even if you are running for charity. The cider which will be provided on the route will make the run enjoyable but will likely be a different type of running which you haven’t previously experienced. This is a FUN RUN, not a RACE – the aim is to enjoy it and take your time, particularly as the alcohol can make you feel out of breath.

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