Summer 2021 |  Sheppys Cider, Taunton, Somerset

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Cider relay and HIIT session

Cider Tasting Session Included

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What People Say

A unique and brilliant race. I will be back with more of my running/drinking buddies. 

Bradley D.


Your Ticket Includes

Key Event Info

13 x Cider tasters

Finisher Pint
Finishers’ medal


Half Marathon:

5k  Ticket: 

2 x Cider tasters

Finisher Pint
Finishers’ medal

  • Half Marathon start time: 11AM

  • 5K Start Time: 11.30AM

  • Registration: 8.45AM-10.45AM

  • Bring suitable ID 

  • Fancy Dress Recommended  

  • Body Weight in Cider awarded to the best outfit!

  • Must have suitable footwear to participate

The Half Marathon 
With Cider Tasters Every Mile

 A half marathon where you sample a different cider every mile. Thats 13 miles with 13 cider tasters. Set amidst  beautiful Somerset including genuine cider orchards. At the ciderthon, fitness and fun go together. It's a party from start to finish, but the party doesn't stop at the finish line... Bars, music and more awaits! 


Ciderthon aims to mix the elation of running with the taste of the ancestral drink, celebrating the culture of cider making and the beauty of Somerset scenery. 

Often the two activities are seen as mutually exclusive events, but after having such a great time at Marathon du Medoc in Bordeaux, I had to bring a piece of the fun to Somerset. But with a West Country twist. Join us, and #RunMilesDrinkCider

Much love,


Founder of Ciderthon 


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